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November 12th, 2020

Thank you for visiting. I'm Chiyoko, the organizer of small online-colony "iine! Creators Colony".I participated in "WAKAYAMA Online Workation" by Wakayama prefecture, where has been introducing workcation events in Japan from an early stage. And I've tried to enjoy workshops anytime, anywhere.

By being based online, we can experience and improve our skills from anywhere, not just at home.

This project aims to give you a concrete experience of what I wrote in the following articles (Japanese languege only).

The influence of COVID-19 has created many great online workshops and remote tours. Also in Japan, as support for workcation, and coworking and co-living in country areas have been improved.

Restaurants and cafes, onsen and resorts, or time of housework and commuting, etc.. If you use these, you will be able to improve your skills very densely without stress.

In our village, we are thinking about and practicing the mechanism to realize it.



11:00 am Don-tei Saitama-yono shop

Webinar was the center of the day. So I decided t o enjoy using the telework plan of this shop, and I did WFR (Work From Restaurants) until the start.


1:00 pm WAKAYAMA Online Workation

It is a 4-hour lecture until 5:00 pm, excluding a 15-minute break from 3:00 pm.However, thanks to Don-tei's ryokan-like seating and service, I was able to attend the webinar in a very comfortable environment.


4:15 pm Shabu-shabu buffet

It was a question and answer time in the webinar, but my Don-tei plan was to have a meal by 6 pm, so I enjoyed the meal earlier than everyone else.

7:00 pm Online meet-up party

I went back home and participated. I have visited Wakayama befor, and it is one of the wonderful places for onsen lovers. Hanayama-onsen Yakushinoyu: The most unique hot spring in the Kansai region. Sakinoyu: One of the three oldest onsen in Japan. Yunomine-onsen: The onsen of World Cultural Heritage.



Hanayama-onsen Yakushinoyu

Wakayama is recommended for people who like hot springs. Hanayama-Onsen Yakushinoyu is the most unique hot spring in Kansai. The brown carbonated spring is springing up naturally.



"Sakinoyu" is one of the three oldest hot springs in Japan. The sea is wonderful in front of you! You can enjoy the feeling of openness that is integrated with the sea.



Tsubo-yu is registered as a World Heritage Site. It is famous for the large amount of Yunohana. Yunohana is a solidified component of hot springs. The name comes from the fact that it looks like petals floating in the Hot spring.

November 13th, 2020

On the second day of workation, I was really looking forward to a virtual tour where you can see animals such as Kumano Kodo and pandas.



9:00 am Kumano Kodo remote tour

Although I have not ever been to Kumano Kodo, I've talked to Iipin-san who runs two guesthouse around there, so this is one of the places that I want to go very much now.

It's an amazing tour like that they showed us the place where we usually aren’t able to take photos.


11:30 Kumano Shrine (Ota ward)

I got the power of Kumano Kodo and I went to Kumano Shrine in Ota ward in Tokyo. I was surprised to find such a mysterious place on a hill in a residential area that is difficult to reach by car. It was a sunny day and it was warm enough to sweat when I walked in my coat, but the area around Kumano Shrine was cool and refreshing anyway.

Ota ward, we Japanese say Ota-ku, is the one of the most famous onsen places in Japan, and this is my activity place as "Onsen Biz Ambassador". Especially Kamata is well known as a black onsen area, and there is a shop of Kitayama-mura that is a small village in Wakayama.


12:00 pm Online promotion seminar for the beginners

This was held by Ms. Sasaki’s company in Tokyo, not the WAKAYAMA online Workation. She is the one who made "Vermicular" and "airweave" famous by her promotion plans.

Actually, I read the newsletter that arrived in the morning and learned about it, so I adjusted my schedule. Because they are online, I can do it that was impossible with local participation, and it's a great example of how great courses you can take online.


12:30 pm Morooka Kumano Shrine (Yokohama city, Kanagawa)

I visited another shrine that has a connection with Kumano in Wakayama. This is famous not only as a local shrine but also as a power spot in the Kanto region. Coincidentally, I went to a lucky time of the day, so the Shichi-Go-San (a traditional rite of passage for children in Japan) family were praying there.



While drinking a juice within Wakayama plum in the moving car, I arrived at my destination Yokohama while visiting the Shirahama office in Wakayama online.The story of the six pandas that are popular at the zoo was also interesting!



I came here to experience my favorite workshop today. I made my own cup noodles that I talked about at last month's workcation.



At the restaurant "NOODLES BAZAAR", we enjoyed the sea, hot springs, footbaths, and wonderful Wakayama online work while drinking delicious drinks.


5:00 pm My CUPNOODLES Factory

My own cup noodles is a large serving of roasted meat fillet!!!


6:00 pm Around Minato Mirai

I went to eat while watching the beautiful night view and illuminations.


7:30 pm Don-tei Isesaki-mall shop

Start from Don-tei and end to Don-tei.If you want to enjoy online with lunch or dinner, the chain restaurants are very useful. Since the menu is almost the same, you can eat the same food even if you are far away. This is one of the main reasons we often go to chain restaurants.


8:00 pm Roundtable discussion to connect with the local communities

I attended another great online event that was organized Mr. Shibata from the restaurant. I participated in a guest talk as a hot spring sommelier in May. He is the one who runs the company that creates many valuable online events and gives a consulting services for local communities in Japan. The theme of this event was the way of working, the workcation and the relationship with the local community. For the future of Japan or Worldwide, I think the events like that he organizes are important.

Thank you everyone!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you. And thank you for reading the article until the end?

Thank You



Thank you for your wonderful online workcation. I would like to create a workcation where people who are doing workcations in various places can connect online. This time, I also did a workcation around Tokyo to convey it. In the future, I would like to consider whether we can collaborate so that we can experience Wakayama without visiting Wakayama.


For Ms. Sasaki (Lita Co., Ltd.)

The new broadcast method you were testing was nice. Workcations are popular in Japan now, but I think it is important to have high-quality courses that can be taken from anywhere and anytime. Yes, it's just like yours. By the way, it is thanks to your course that I tried to summarize my daily activities like this time. Your words "Have you kept on storeing your achievement in your chest of drawers?" were the trigger.



I made my U.F.O. at Yomiuri Land last month, so I wanted to make my CUPNOODLES this month. For that reason, I set the destination of today's workcation in Minatomirai. Not to mention the fun of workshops and restaurants, and the fun of exhibiting in the museum, I was surprised at your thorough COVID-19 measures. I visited for the first time after resuming business, and I was able to spend time in the museum with great peace of mind.


For Iipin-san (ikkyu & mataoina)

After talking with you, I was able to enjoy the wonderfulness of Wakayama from Tokyo again. I was newly appointed as the first term onsen-bis-ambassador (role to advocate activities to work from onsen areas). I think that Wakayama, an advanced area of ??workcaation, is one of the examples. Wwhen I visited before, I couldn't take the tshuboyu-bath because of the typhoon, so I would like to go with Kumano Kodo.


For Mr. Shibata (Hajimari-shotengai)

Long time no see. In fact, after the self-isolation, there were many voices saying, "It's better to meet in person than online". I thought "not so" and focused on my current activities (iine! Creators Colony). Of course it's great to meet in person, but I think it's possible to have fun together while using online. I would like to create a method like I did this time.


For Don-tei

Thank you for having a delicious meal at each restaurant. All the photos are taken with my computer or smartphone while eating, but in reality (after finishing the work) I enjoyed the meal slowly. Although we also work from other restaurants (when there are few customers), we could work comfortably with a shop-approved course. Please continue this amazing course.


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